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Fleet Announcements


WELCOME TO OUR FORUMS! Our application process has changed, from the impersonal built in website app process to a more friendly process.We are a 2+ year old gaming community who's only goal is to have fun while meeting other like minded adults. Th...
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Fleet Announcements

[Pinned] Welcome! Are you interested in joining the 528th? Here's a little history...

Hey everyone!The 528th Gaming Community is recruiting!One of the oldest Fleets in STO, we pride ourselves on our casual-social atmosphere. Our focus is to have fun and do so with people who's company we enjoy! Enjoy going to the bar after a night'...
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Fleet Announcements

[Pinned] Huge Update to Fleet Ranks, Events, the bank system and so much more!

If you've been wondering just WHAT I've been working on, you need not speculate any further.I am ready to unveil the next "evolution" of the 528th community. HERE IS WHAT'S BEING IMPROVED!- New Regular Member Ranks! A progression through member ra...
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Fleet Announcements

Looking for the 528th Fleet?

We can now be found here, Quantum CollectiveIf you are a former or returning member and you have an account in good standing, please sign in. Instructions on how to join the new website are available in the Fleet Announcement Forum.If you are new ...
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Fleet Announcements

The Quantum Collective

The new guild has been chosen, new website and ventrilo information will be provided soon.
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Fleet Announcements

New Guild Name

First round of voting is dun the top names have been put in a poll for the finale vote.for the poll click here: Guild name poll....--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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Fleet Announcements

New Admin

Congratulations Oldwilly/Nic on becoming and admin in the 528th community and thanks for helping make Rift a solid part of this community.
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Fleet Announcements

The Website now supports new games!

The Website has been updated to support the following games:RIFTWorld of TanksBattlefieldYou can link Items from TOR and RIFT in your posts now, try it out!
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