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#3926907 Feb 14, 2011 at 07:22 AM · Edited over 6 years ago
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If you've been wondering just WHAT I've been working on, you need not speculate any further.
I am ready to unveil the next "evolution" of the 528th community.


- New Regular Member Ranks! A progression through member ranks is now clearer with defined promotion procedures and benefits! The system is based on our principles of maturity and cooperation. It can only be described as a MERITOCRACY/VETERANCY structure. See the ranks section above, and the banking post in the RULES/REGULATIONS section of the forum to know more.

- New 528th only Events! PVP Hour of Power every day! The Gladiatorial 528th Escort League! Regularly run Infected and Cure STF's! PVP tutorials by the TITANS of the PVP arena's! And much MORE!

- More Officer positions! Interested in contributing to the fleet's well-being? Talk with a Senator or another Admiral today! Positions are available for Commander's wanting to contribute more, and take the fleet to the next level!

- Regular Officer Presence on the website! Make your voice heard! Submit requests for build optimization, and offer build advice! Participation and positivity will be rewarded.

528th Fleet, I am honored by your continuing devotion to building a great community! Let's continue to do so together, and thusly, reap the rewards!
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